Custom Work

Custom Stained GlassAt Linden Art Glass, we can build custom stained glass pieces for your panels, doors, lamps and more. Clients looking to fill a space in their home come here and describe what they want to see in that space. Using their ideas and sometimes photos, drawings are made for approval. Once the client approves, then the glass selection begins.

Our custom stain glass work is one of a kind and also gives your home a distinct and unique look that no one can match. Also, we can help you design the look you have always wanted for your stain glass project. With decades of experience in stain glass, let the experts at Linden Art Glass help you.

Custom Stained Glass Work

Stained glass is also known as decorative glass or art glass, and there are benefits in owning stained glass. One major benefit of owning stained glass is the beautiful aesthetic it gives to your home. A stained glass piece can bring a joyful life to a room that plain glass would not deliver. In addition, a beautiful stained glass cupboard door or art piece can really make your kitchen or bathroom unique. If you are interested in stained glass custom work, give us a call today at 734-728-7767 or use our easy contact form and one of our experts will reply to you!

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